Monday, April 18, 2016

week 33: human pin cushion

Ok, I am writing this before I read any emails, but Dad you need to know that I knew it was your birthday, and the minute I logged off last week I remembered and felt really bad, but happy birthday and I love you!

This week was flipping awesome! We have three baptisms this Saturday so that is super awesome! The baptism is actually super funny, because we went on divisions this week with members and my companion was with a guy named Rosendo. He told my companion "toj maji xinkub´si inha´" which means "I still haven't been baptized!" This guy has been going to church so long we never thought to ask! So we met with him and his family, and his nine year old daughter and wife said they want to be baptized too! Then, when we had District Conference we had over ten nonmembers there from our area.  Maria (the new one) and Ramona came, plus some other people that we thought were already baptized. So we should be seeing even more baptisms in the future!  If literally everything works out exactly perfectly, we will have eight more baptisms in the next three weeks. All of our other investigators have a lot of difficulties - some marriage, some their parents don't want to, some are little kids that are super afraid to talk so we don't know if they understand the lessons.

For District Conference everyone in Chulak comes - Sepamak, Seococ, Sajomte, Koral Pek, and Seranx. It is held in Seococ, and the District President leads. President and Hermana Curtiss came so it was good to see them two times last week. Hermana Curtiss keeps telling me to stop getting sick haha. I saw everyone from my District, the same people that go to p-day together every week. One thing that President Curtiss said that I liked was that we shouldn't have to make the decision every time if we are going to follow the commandments, we should just decide now and do it. Like going to church, we shouldn't decide if we will go every week when we wake up Sunday morning, we should decide now that we will always go. Hermana Curtiss and some people that were randomly selected were the other speakers. Hermana Curtiss is always so great to hear, she knows so much about the gospel! I really want you guys to meet them someday, maybe President Curtiss can do my marriage thing or something!

I went on divisions this week with Elder Gonzalez in Koral Pek which was awesome because that is the only area in Chulak I had never been to, so I can now say I know all of Chulak!

Right now I am in Coban with Elder Vargas (not my companion, different Vargas.) It has not been something I want to relive haha. I went to do my blood exam with a different old lady, and I told her that it is better to just take it from my hand because my arm veins are small due to my lack of exercise and motivation these past few weeks. She said ok and than punctured me in the arm. As I said, no blood left. She then went for the other arm, and once again, no blood. I was starting to get a little woozy at this point, but she decided to start on my wrist. Once again, no blood. I said "maybe when I come back in a few weeks we can try again" and she said "uno mas!" She punctured my other wrist before I could say ok. That didn't work, so she went for another part of that same wrist and at last! She got some blood! She then told me "I told you we would get some!" I was slightly unconscious so it was difficult to respond at the time. But we ate waffles! With whip cream! And hot chocolate and a liquado (smoothie)! I almost died. Now I need to go buy a camera and a cheap watch, a rock flew up from a truck and shattered my other one. Tell Grandpa Leo I'm sorry about that. I am with Elder McEntee now and he knows where to get some heavy duty watches. We also need to do some errands for other missionaries and then we are going back to La Tinta to sleep.

Dad asked how I am feeling, pretty good.  I just get tired sometimes, I think my blood count might be low but I'm not sure. I try to eat protein, but I did bad on eating this last week and have really fallen off the workout train. It is hard with Elder Vargas because he really likes to always have soda in the house so its just right there tempting me. He is great, I'm pretty sad that we will probably only have one more change together. We mostly speak Spanish because I need to learn that, and if I don't know a word, sometimes I know it in Kekchi. I study and teach in Kekchi. I'm not really learning proper Spanish, all I am really learning to do is joke around, which probably isn't good. I just don't know any grammar because I never study it. I feel like I'm going to disappoint people when I get home because I was called to a Spanish-speaking mission and I don't know it. Sometimes I'm worried I will come home and will have forgotten how to speak English, Spanish and Kekchi haha.

Anyways! My spiritual thought this week is from interviews! They were amazing with President Curtiss! I never felt like I really connected with him before but this interview was super awesome, and now I am really sad he will be going home the same time I hit my year mark. I just really felt like he cared about me and loved me. I don't want to say I haven't felt this before with him, but not like that. We talked about the Atonement and the Restoration and I came away from that interview feeling better than I have in months!
Mas Chaab¨il li yu´am, nkinra naq laa´in jun li misioneer, ut nakatinra! (Life is great, I love the gospel, I love being  missionary, and I love you!)

Love, Elder Toolson

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