Monday, May 23, 2016

week 38

What the heck! That is awesome! I got a nephew for a birthday buddy! Thanks so much for the pictures they are awesome!

So this week was pretty good, we got the marriages and baptisms done. We weren't able to get Marta confirmed on Sunday, so we will have to do it another time. There were so many people there for the marriage part! It was so hot.


We have a lot of kids that say they want to be baptized now but none of them show up to church. We are going to visit them this week. We also have another potential marriage coming up that we might see one baptism out of, so that will be good.

It has been hot here. It has rained a couple times, so that is nice, but also not so nice because normally when it rains we lose power haha. And sleeping is like impossible without fans. But it is nice when it rains during the day!

We've started writing our p-day emails in Panzos now, it has the fastest internet I have used in my whole mission, so that is pretty awesome. Panzos is my District Leader Elder Ellis' area. It is about an hour travel time from my area in total, we go by bus. There are actually less stores than in La Tinta, so we went there earlier to buy food and take out money on our bank cards. Crazy thing! I ran into my old buddy Lucas from Santo Domingo there! He is doing good, getting ready for his mission, but having a hard time finding work. This is actually one of the most relaxed p-days I will do. We just woke up, went to La Tinta, we will write and probably go back to our area. Our district is here together, so me, my companion, and Elders Vargas, Ellis, Ayala, and McEntee.
The next changes are around June 20th, so another month or so. That is when the new Mission President will come to the area. I am going to miss President Curtiss. I think the other guy is from Chile. I am a little nervous because I heard he doesn't know English, which makes it a little harder to relate with him. I heard he was going to take a pretty intensive class though, so maybe he is learning. I'm sure it will be great with him too, just different!

On my birthday we had a party, and since it was the night before p-day I was able to see some of my buddies so that was awesome! Elder Gonzalez cooked mexican style for me so that was good.

Other than that I don't have anything to report on, I'm just really excited about little Eli being born!

Oh! And I forgot to say I have parasites again. I still need to buy the medicine and then I will start taking it. And something else exciting did happen! This guy from our Branch took out all four of my ingrown toenails on Saturday! They would come and go on and off, but they were starting to be pretty bad. He saw I was bleeding through my sock, so he told me to take it off. Then he ran off and got this special nail clipper. He got his brothers and told me they were going to take care of things and I started panicking and told them maybe another time, but they just laughed and grabbed my leg and held it down and went at the toenails. It hurt like a mother but it happened! I hope the clippers were clean... I didn't really think about that part. But I feel better right now so it should be good! A lot less pain when I walk, and it will only get better.

My spiritual thought this week comes from the fact that God does provide if we are diligent and do our part. When I arrived at Canlun we had nothing, but through Heavenly Father's blessings we were able to have two baptisms this week! I love all of you!

Love, Elder Toolson


  1. I love his perspective! So upbeat and positive. Love this boy to pieces.

  2. Happy birthday Joe!
    You have a birthday mate! How cold is that?
    Danny is a birthday mate with his aunt, and they have always had a very special bond.

    You always seem to take your concerns, ailments and turn them around. You truly feel God's grace. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Diane Conom