Monday, December 12, 2016

week 67: Teleman

Hey! So Teleman is pretty dope! It was hard to say goodbye to the people in Senahu though. I will miss this family, the Tiul family, they are super nice. We did Family Home Evening with them almost every week.

I will try to answer all of Mom's questions. Just Elder Lara and I live in a house that is actually pretty nice. It has a good workout set up and all so that is good too. We have water and light so we are pretty blessed in that sense. I am serving in a Rama and they have a nice small building that gets the job done. About 85 or so people go on average, so it is kind of big for here in the Polochic. They don't have a piano for me to play, but I do get to press the play button on the DVD for the hymns haha. 

Where I serve is about half Kekchi and half Spanish. Almost everyone at least knows Spanish, but I prefer to talk in Kekchi with them and they do too normally, so that is nice. We live in a town, but it is tiny so we leave pretty easily to go to some of the mountains around us. We will probably walk the same amount as we did in the mountains. As for employment, there are a lot of little tiendas and stuff so it seems like people work there normally, or sell food that they make at home. I think school is optional but most kids seem to go. It is kind of hot here but not too bad. There are a lot of....I forgot the word in Kekchi the are called ch´en´......they suck our blood but aren't ticks... wait, mosquitoes! There are so many of those! I will probably end up getting dengue again.

I met a lot of cool members! The Presidents family is super nice. It seems like all of our investigators need to get married except this one guy named Mario who will be baptized on the 24th, I will talk more about him later. I think I am going to get along really well with the members here so that is nice, and me and Elder Lara work really hard which is good. Here is a picture of two guys who are investigators here in Teleman:

These are some recent converts here in Teleman that I met this week, we just call them Almicars family, because the guy's name is Almicar:

There are some members here that work on raising animals so I took a picture for you:

This picture kind of gives you an idea about what my area looks like, it is right above Telelman, we are right in the valley below:

I think I will be able to use skype or at least some method to video call you guys for Christmas, but I don't know for how long because we have a big open house activity at the church on the 26th that we will be getting ready for, so it might be a short call this year.

Normally we will email from our area but today we are in La Tinta (about 20-30 minutes away by bus.) We are practicing our presentation for the multi-zone meeting we will have this week. It is our Christmas party. 
There will be two zones there and it will be in Senahu, so maybe I will get to see some old members! We are going to sing and dance. We are supposed to do something artistic so my very enthusiastic companion thought we should dance...I'm not excited... I'm doing my best to get out of the dancing part, haha. We will start by singing Silent Night, then go into the beginning of Carol of the Bells, then go to a country sounding song with violins and stuff, and then end with Silent Night...we will see how it goes. I'm not sure what the dances are, but the country one is kind of going to be a line dance. There are sixteen of us performing, but I don't know if everyone will want to participate.

My spiritual thought comes from an experience with that Mario guy. He is somebody I met almost a year ago when I did divisions with the missionaries here. He didn't remember me but I remember him. When I met him he had a drinking problem that he couldn't shake, he just had this dead look in his eyes, and there didn't seem much hope for him going anywhere. Now he is so alive, he gave me a big ole hug when I remet him, and he is going to be baptized in two weeks! I almost started crying on the spot when I saw what a big change happened over the last year. This Gospel really is something else!

I love all of you, have a good week!

Love, Elder Toolson

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