Wednesday, July 29, 2015

week 1 in the CCM (Missionary Training Center)

OK! So, this week has been something else. I was able to meet up with other missionaries at the airport. There was 34 of us! Just 3 out of the 34 on the plane are going to the Coban mission, and I am the only one in my CCM district going to Coban. Anyways our flight that night was super late and we had to land in Mexico City for 2 hours because someone was super sick. We got to the CCM like 4 hours late. It was the worst. I was able to exchange money, and I got my luggage and candies! I actually don't know what the guys name was who met us but he was nice.

We get to use English only when we have no clue how to say it in Spanish. My companion is Elder Wilkerson and he is seriously the best, he is this tall white guy that is like the perfect amount of goofy but also serious. The food is pretty good! There are some American meals so that is good! We share a room with two other Nortes (North Americans) and two Latinos so that is always an adventure.

It is hard to describe a day in the CCM because it changes everyday, but it is basically wake up, eat, have a a bunch of classes and study, eat, have a bunch more classes and study, eat, and then some more classes and study. My Mission President at the CCM is different than it will be in the field but the CCM Mission President is awesome! Everyone here really just wants to be in the field because the CCM is super boring. I honestly feel like I have been here for 7 months instead of 7 days. The language is coming along slowly but surely, I understand a lot more than I can speak!

I guess my spiritual thought this week would be on the power of prayer, because to be honest the first few days here were easily the hardest of my life. It wasn't like I missed home already; it was like I realized how long two years was, so I got really really homesick so I wouldn't have to worry about it later! But every time I'd say a prayer I would be comforted just long enough to get through whatever rough spot I was in, and now I love it here!

Alright, well, I love all of you!                                          

Love Elder Toolson

(Picture of the CCM, or Missionary Training Center, in Guatemala)

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  1. I am so happy he is adjusting and settling in! Love this boy!