Tuesday, August 4, 2015

week 2 in the CCM

This week was crazy because there was this big old virus going around so that was a treat! I have had the poops and stomach cramps for like the past 6 days (sorry mom for using the word poops) but it was bound to happen some time. Other wise, it was very good!

Me and my companion have two "investigators" (teachers pretending to be investigators) challenged and accepted to baptism, so that is awesome! We have a couple Sacrament meetings here and in the last one I bore my testimony in Spanish so that was probably a treat for everyone in the audience.

The Spanish is coming slowly but surely haha, my problem is that I will start a sentence and realize that I don't know one of the words I want to say. So that is kind of frustrating.

I can't wait for you guys to meet my companion, he and I get along amazingly. He is from Fresno, California. He is 18 like me, all of the Elders in my room are 18 as well.

I have been to the temple for both P days. It is really nice and REALLY small but I kind of like it that way. They do the session in English, and it is awesome cause of how small it is. The only time we get to leave the CCM is to go to the temple because there are riots and protests going on right outside because of the Presidential election. So that is a shame.

To answer moms questions, they have a really nice laundry system, and is it bad if I just dry my pants in the dryer? Because I have been doing that. I'm sleeping pretty well except my companion is a monster snorer, haha.

Anyways, my spiritual thought this week comes from a lesson me and my companion taught, and it is that we should always be ready to listen to the Spirit, because He will communicate with us when we listen.

Well. I love all of you!

Elder Toolson

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