Tuesday, September 1, 2015

still at the CCM

Ooooooookay! So I only have half the time I usually do so this will be very short.

I am supposed to be in my area of Cobán right now, however there are so many riots we had to turn around an hour into the trip and come back, so I am back at the CCM! Hopefully we will leave later tonight; I am not sure.

I'm starting to get pretty nervous/excited to be in the field. especially because it sounds like I am going to have to learn a whole new language.

I got the picture and notes from the family reunion this week so thank you to all the family!

My spiritual thought this week is just a quote I have heard a couple times here and it is ¨God doesn't need anymore mediocre missionaries.¨ I think that is pretty sweet because it is inspiring to me and I think we could easily replace missionaries with ¨members.¨ We all have a way we can help, and we all should put forth our best effort all the time.

I love all of you!
Love, Elder Toolson


  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you, Joe. May God keep you safe and healthy and bring you closer to Him by the work you are doing.

  2. Love this kid! I can't wait to hear more from him.