Tuesday, August 25, 2015

week 5 at the CCM

So this week was way awesome!

I have learned a lot about my mission area from some of the CCM Presidency and it sounds crazy. I am almost 100% guaranteed to have to learn that crazy language in the field so I will have three languages under my belt when I get home. Also, there is a crazy amount of disease with like a third of the missionaries out in my mission right now. Plus there are a lot of dangerous mountains and snakes and animals so I might get a machete! This is awesome!

A funny story from this week, my companion was teaching our investigator and accidentally asked why she thinks that we bring peace and tranquillity to her bed... I almost died laughing, haha. He meant to say "casa" (house) instead of "cama" (bed), so that was awesome.

We had some pretty good burgers this week, but the worst thing is always breakfasts cause they pick up leftovers and just put them on a tortilla so you never know what you will get.

I haven't been able to buy my poncho or rain boots yet so hopefully I can figure that out soon.

Another exciting thing, about fifteen minutes before a devotional last week I was told I was giving the special musical number. The Spirit must have helped me out because I had no idea what I was doing up there. I played a solo on piano, I chose Come Thou Fount so it was pretty fun. It was spiritual too because I wasn't supposed to play, someone else was. After I finished I sat down and the speaker got up and said that musical number was inspired.
My spiritual thought comes from an Elder Holland devotional we watched this week titled ¨No Regrets.¨ As we all know, he is a way powerful speaker. At the end of his talk he said something along the lines of ¨Don't you dare let the Savior down. He was abandoned by everyone at the end of His life, don't you dare run and do it too.¨ If that doesn't inspire you to get out and do missionary work then I don't think anything will.

Well, I am loving it here, the mission is literally the best decision I have ever made. I can totally tell that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. The homesickness is going way down cause I am having too much fun here! I know that it might change for at least of few months once I get in the field and can't understand anybody, but right now it is awesome!

I love all of you!
Love, Elder Toolson

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  1. Very happy for you Joe. So glad this week has gone so well. I love how you embrace each moment of each day. I have no doubt you are doing what you should be. God is with you. Keeping you in prayer. God bless.
    Diane Conom