Monday, October 12, 2015

Santo Domingo, week 6

My package came! It was awesome, thank you!
So we were in Coban all day again for my companions parasites, which is why I am writing to you later. We had a better week this week. The marriage is going to happen for sure now, we just have to wait for the guy to get his papers and get married then he can be baptized.
Also, we have a really hopeful reference about someone whose family we visited way up the mountain. They said we are too far away, but their son wants to be baptized. We just have to catch him at the right time. Unfortunately, he is about two hours up the mountain...but we will connect with him! We found about six new contacts last week, so we are going to try and visit them this week.
Thank goodness I wasn't transferred, and neither was Elder Helton! Elder McEntee was, and at first I was really bummed, but then I found out he is still in our District. So it is awesome!
I'm doing divisions with the Zone Leaders this week, so that should be interesting. I'm pretty nervous for that haha. (Editor's note: when missionaries do divisions, they split up from their companion and each of them goes with one of the Zone Leaders to teach. This gives the Zone Leaders an opportunity to evaluate how the missionaries are doing and to offer additional training.)
My spiritual thought comes from a quote in our Zone meeting that actually applies to this week perfectly. The quote is "knock one more door." That is perfect because the family we ran into is farther up the mountain than we have ever gone. It was a great testimony builder that the day after we had that meeting we found the family.
Thank you so much for writing! I have to go now, sorry it was so short. Nekexinra! (I love all of you)

Love, Elder Toolson

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