Monday, December 7, 2015

week 14: getting to know Sepamac

Hey! Things with Elder Quiroz are pretty good! He actually works me really hard during the day because we work way past dark (I have fallen quite a few times haha.) In the mornings he helps me with my Kekchi quite a bit so I can't complain. Really the only thing that I find myself having a hard time with is the language. It is just hard to learn two languages at once, and one of those languages in the language you are learning. But it will come!
We live in a house next to the church (I will include pics next week.) It is the nicest house in the mountains Chulak with running water and electricity, so I can't complain too much! As far as our area it is really steep, really rainy, and really mountainy. It is still part of the Polochik so that is good.

The houses here are close together, then miles between towns, with another a big group of houses far away. Our area also has some stores that even have cold drinks, which is more than Santo Domingo had, so another plus!
The Church here is a Branch. The Branch President is very nice but only speaks Kekchi so I had a hard time communicating with him. I was called up this Sunday to speak and bear my testimony and introduce myself and I was able to do it without reading off anything. So maybe I am progressing a tiny bit after all haha.
We have a couple Spanish speaking investigators which is awesome because I get to help a little bit more. As for our investigators, all of the ones who want baptism aren't married to the mukuy (bird, or boyfriend/ girlfriend.) But they live together. If they want to be married, their mukuy doesn't. So that is fun. As far as being senior companion, I don't think he knows that I am senior companion. That is ok because he goes out and works, so I don't have anything to complain about. We speak Spanish and he will help me along the way with some Kekchi phrases.
For p-day we go to a really far away place called El Estor to do our emails, buy groceries, play soccer and eat really good food. It is almost American food, only problem is that it is really expensive. El Estor is about two hours from our area by van. We pay someone that lives in Sepamak to drive our District down. We also pay someone to do our laundry, and more or less people feed us! I have had some caldo (that really spicy soup with chicken parts in it) so that's good. My companion is an amazing cook. He makes all sorts of things - chicken, french fries, egg sandwiches. He is teaching me some, so that is nice.
Mom asked about Christmas decorations. They don't really decorate or anything in the mountains. Actually, I wouldn't know Christmas was coming except stores are starting to sell Christmas cookies.
My spiritual thought this week comes from an experience I had. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation (in Spanish thankfully) and I bore my testimony to the person we were talking to about how grateful I am that I can be with my family forever. Needless to say, we were both crying by the end of it. I am grateful for this gospel and the happinness it brings me. Nekexinra!
Love, Elder Toolson
(This is Elder Reed, he is in my district and is awesome)

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