Monday, February 8, 2016

week 23

WE DID THE BAPTIZING THING! It was sweet, we were meeting with Jose Domingo's daughters and they said yes to baptism, and then we found out one of them is leaving for Mexico on Wednesday so we moved their date closer and they accepted and got baptized yesterday! We are hoping she can find some support in Mexico for new member lessons, she really wants to keep going to church.

Also we had all of our investigators from Nueva Concepcion (the area way up the mountain where everyone speaks Spanish) come to church. I am including pictures of that! 

We are going to try to see if Nester ended up going to Piten, I know last time we stopped by his mukuy told us that he was super drunk somewhere up the mountain so that was a bit of a shame. Hopefully we can find him and see what is up this week.

This is the last week of the change too! Not really sure how I feel, because if Elder Quiroz gets a change then I will be the only one that knows the area. So I am a little nervous for that, but excited as well!

My health is good.

I think we taught like 15 to 20 lessons this week, we focused a lot on our investigators in Nueva Concepcion and preparing them for baptism. We have 3 or 4 progressing investigators right now. I like teaching, especially the Plan of Salvation.

My spiritual thought once again (as usual) just comes from the power of prayer. These last few months have been a little rough with being sick and no success, but look at us this week! All I had to do was keep praying and have faith and The Lord provided! I hope all of you have a good week, I love all of you!


Elder Toolson

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