Monday, February 22, 2016

week 25

Hey! Nothing super exciting happened this week. We are in La Tinta for p-day which is fun because we got all of my buddies together from Chulak and Senahu so all the mountain guys are together. We played soccer for a couple of hours this morning. That was pretty awesome but everyone here is really good. We ate lunch at a place that has really good meat. The bad news about being in La Tinta is that it is about two hours on the bus. We have to haul back to our area, so I don't have much time to write and the internet is awful.

Mom, you asked me to explain about my area, district and zone. I'll do my best. So the Polochic is the mountains to the North East of Coban, where there are two zones. One is Zona Senahu, the other is Zona Polochic. We are in Area Sepamak in Districto Chulak in Zona Polochic. Sepamak is the highest area in Districto Chulak.

We got dropped by Luis and his wife this week. Maria still says she wants to be baptized, but she also did not come to church this we will see what happens. We also found a new guy named Hector that we will start teaching, and a lady who lives up the mountain.

As for my health, the tests were negative, so that is good. But I only pooped in a cup once instead of three times so I might actually have parasites they just didnt tell me haha. My cold is good, just have this cough that won't go away, my companion tells me I am dying but I dont think that's true.

Our weather has been REALLY cold at night, and then during the day it can be just about anything. It wouldn't be too bad, but we don't have blankets so I just use the sheet and then I also use the scrunchy sheet thing that goes around the bed (editors note: that would the mattress pad) and put on lots of clothes. I might have to cave and buy a blanket at the Friday market, but I keep telling myself it will be pointless soon because the hot months are coming. I hear in Chulak it changes pretty randomly from being really hot or really cold so we just play it by ear. It has been raining quite a bit. Sometimes we can get hot water for a shower, it just depends on how lucky you get.

My spiritual thought this week comes from my gratitude for eternal families. Our recent converts were asking us about our families and how we could leave them for so long. And I just felt blessed to say that really two years is nothing compared to eternity!

Well, I love all of you!

Elder Toolson

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