Monday, August 22, 2016

week 51

(Editor's note: we were able to talk with Joe VERY briefly this morning when he called about a problem with his bank account. Needless to say, we were scared to death when we saw an international number on caller id - Kurt was very happy to hear Joe's voice on the other end of the line and not the Mission President saying there was some sort of accident! All is well!)

Well first off it was good to hear your voice for a tiny bit today! I have some jalam-uuch' (pictures) for you:


My week went really well with Henry's marriage and baptism. 

His wife was already baptized. Some people from the Branch spoke. Thank you for sending the temple pictures. They are nice to give to the people who get married and they really like them! 

I spent a lot of the week on divisions with Elder Helton working a little bit in my area and a little in his so it was a good time! We put a fecha for this Saturday with an old lady whose husband is an inactive member of the Church. She has been coming to church and stuff so we went and visited her and we asked if she wanted to be baptized and she said ¨Us¨ which means good! So that is good! She is supposed to get baptized this Saturday so we will see how everything turns out. There are three kids living in the house so we are hoping we can get the going to church too.

Right now I am on divisions with Elder Bos so it is starting off as a good week! We are in Coban. From Tukuru it isn't as bad of a journey, and the internet here is a lot better than Senahu. I don't mind Coban so much anymore. Other than that nothing too much has changed here. Oh, something funny! Just last night we had a tarantula at Tukurus house haha! We were all screaming like 13 year old girls when it showed up on the porch, then my companion stomped on it and flicked it onto Elder Bos haha! Don't worry mom, it was dead!

Mom asked me to say five things that I am grateful for right this minute...
1. Divisions with Elder Bos
2. I got to hear your guys voice 
3. My area is progressing really well
4. I ate a meat lovers pizza for the first time in 13 months
5. I got to see Elder Andersen one last time today before he goes home tomorrow

Oh, that reminds me, you asked what day missionaries usually go home. So Elder Anderson is going to fly out tomorrow because he is going home three weeks early so he can go to BYU next week, but everyone else goes home on a Wednesday. Monday is final interviews, Tuesday is in the capital, and Wednesday you are on your way home and getting home. We just talked about it at the meeting for zone leaders, that's the only reason I know so well haha.
My spiritual thought... I'm just going to let you all know that it feels amazing to baptize somebody that you have worked hard with and come to love. Baptizing Henry was super awesome and I will not ever forget it. 

Naq xinwank sa´ jun chutam, yoo chi aatinak laj Elder Cook, ut a´an xye naq maare wankeb´ li misioneer se´ li mision a´in naq neke´xk'oxla naq maare ninruuk chi xb´aanunkil mas chaab´il sa´ li wochoch. sa´ li hoonal a´an, kixke´ qe un li qosob´tesinkil jo xmoos ut apostle li Dios, naq wi taqataaq'e li qak'anjel arin se´ li mision, li Yos tarosob´etsieb' li qajunkab'al mas chiru li tooruuq laa'o. (Translation: When I was at a broadcast, Elder Cook was talking. And he said that maybe there are missionaries in this mission that think they can do better for their family at home, than being in the mission. At that time he gave us a blessing, as a servant and Apostle of the Lord, that if we follow through in our work here in the mission, our family will be blessed by God more than we can.)

I love all of you!

Love, Elder Toolson

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  1. Dear Joe, I am getting caught up on your last couple of updates! You continue to be such an inspiration. I love that you find love and the positive out of every situation.
    I love attempting to read what you wrote in the native tongue! Would love to hear what it sounds like. Take care and God bless. Diane Conom