Monday, August 29, 2016

week 52

Hey! So I wasn't with Elder Bos for very long last week because - surprise! We had multi-zone conference and interviews! This one was only in Polochic boundaries. It was held in our area in Senahu, so everyone made the trip to us this time. It was nice for us not to travel. President and his wife spoke, and the APs. They all talked about making sure we are being consecrated missionaries and working hard and good stuff like that. It's funny because the word "consecrated" in Kekchi is Q`axtesink, which also means to deliver, surrender, or hand over. So to me, consecrated is to surrender ourselves completely to God's will, or align our will with that of God. But that is kind of a personal definition so maybe I'm wrong haha.
My interview was really short, he just said to keep working hard and stuff like that. Everything went really well, nothing too exciting to report.
This week nobody was baptized. The family of the older lady I told you about wasn't home when we went to visit them so we will have to try again this week. We found a couple of new investigators that I have high hopes for, but they didn't come to church so I have no clue what will happen with them. I stayed in my own area all week, but I was able to work with Elder Helton some so that is always good. The recent baptisms are all doing good. They are all coming to church and are going to have callings soon.
I am writing from La Tinta today. The internet is at least a little faster than Senahu. Not doing too much today, just hanging out with the buddies as usual on Pday.
This week I have no pictures, but next week I will go on divisions with Elder Gonzalez, and after that Elder Mendoza, so I should have some good pictures coming up!
Mom asked if we have Fall in Guatemala. No. Guatemala has rain, haha. We are high enough up that it lightning storms and rains just about every night. There have been little floods, and apparently a hurricane blew close by, but we were told to stay in the house and didn't really feel it.
Dad asked about my health. My feet are good. I learned how to take out ingrown toenails by myself so no more problems there! I found these little scissors that work really well. It is awesome! I mean painful but awesome! The stomach issues are always there but nothing too bad, I am pretty used to it by now after a year. The nurse told me to take an exam as soon as I am able but I am going to wait until we have our monthly meeting in Coban, which might actually be next week but I'm not sure. I think I see her more than most of the missionaries. Every time she sees me she gives a big old sigh and says ¨how are we Elder Toolson¨ haha.

We have transfers again in two weeks. That is when Elder Helton, Tims, and Ellis go home. It is going too fast. I try not to think about it but all of my buddies are going home and such, so it makes me think about home. And then I realize that I am pretty content here. I mean obviously I have my days, but overall I am pretty dang happy to stay here.
For my spiritual thought today I am going to share my testimony about trials. What has really helped me is keeping an eternal perspective. If I am with a really tough companion, well, eventually we will have a change. If I am homesick, well, I will go home eventually. But something that the Lord said to Joseph Smith always catches my attention. He told him that we must endure our trials well. Not just endure them, but do it well! This means that we should be following the counsel in Doctrine and Covenants 4:2 where it says "see that ye serve him with all of your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day."
I hope you all have a good week and I love you!
Love, Elder Toolson

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  1. Hi Joe,
    Once again you share an inspiring thought, experience, etc... In like the thought that we not merely endure, but endure well, keeping in mind and practice to serve as our Good Lord would want. This thought will get me through my day which I anticipate will be challenging. Thank you once again.
    God bless.
    Diane Conom