Tuesday, March 28, 2017

week 82

Hey! We had a pretty decent week this week. We are in Coban today because we had our Leader Training meeting (more on that later.) We will probably write then print out some pictures and then go get some food. We are staying overnight this time because it is a pain to do the whole trip here and back in one day. Transfers are coming again, that is always a good source of gossip. I think I am going to get taken out of the Polochic for my last two changes. Others say I will get to realize my dream of training, and some say I will go to be zone leader in Chulac. I would be thrilled with the last two and okay with the first one. I just really want to train but its okay if I don't. And I can't complain if I get sent out, I have been really blessed to stay as long as I have.

Ronald didn't come to church again, we are really bummed. But Mario is doing great, he and his wife went to the Temple for the first time last week! Mario said it was super awesome but super hard because the whole family couldn't be together. His daughter is doing her studies and hasn't come to church, so she still hasn't been able to be baptized, plus one son who couldn't go. I am excited for General Conference this week, but I still don't know where we will be watching it.

I guess I will just dive in with the answers to mom's questions.

1. Our most exciting part of the week is we went to contact a new village that was way far up the mountain with the missionaries of Saqsuha. That was the first time we had ever been there so it was awesome to see a new place. I don't think that is the farthest I've gone up the mountains, but it might be close. I have some pictures for you, its me, my companion Elder Ibarra, and Elders Sanchez and Vega.

2. For goals met this week, well we got 16 new investigators! So that is ok, we actually were only going to let ourselves go contact that village if us and the Saqsuha Elders found those news, so that worked out for us!

3. Something new that I learned this week came from our Leader Meeting today. We talked a lot about repentance, and that is a really good topic. While studying that of course we got on the topic of the Atonement. We were talking about how when Christ was suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane an angel came down to comfort him, and we learned that angel was Adam. Through Adam all men need to be redeemed, and through Christ all men are redeemed, so it was necessary that Adam came down to comfort Christ, because he is the father of all mortality while Christ is the Father of immortality.

4. Interesting food - we ate some fish this week! I am sending a picture. 

We also fritas, which is like really good fried banana. That is the picture of me and my companion with our hands in the bowl, we are mixing the platino with the milk and the flour and stuff. Best of all, we made this with Almicar's family, who made it out to church!

5. In personal studies I have been studying a lot on Christ, and His Atonement. I will just share a quick testimony in Q´eqchi´. Ka´aijwi´ nawaj chixwotz´b´al xnawom inch´ool eerik´ink chirix aj kolol qe li JesuKristo. Nanaw naq a'an yo'yo' ut nokoxra. a'an naxnaw li qu sa' xmaak naq kixk'ul sa'  xb' een chixjunil li qarahilal ut qacha'ajkilal li naqak'ul se' li yuam a'in. Jwal nim inbantioxihom chiru ut nikinra a'an. (I just want to share with you my testimony about our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and loves and knows us because He received all of the pain and problems that we receive in this life. I am so grateful to Him and I love Him.)

6. Something surprising that happened this week is I got to play saxophone! We were walking by some people and they let me try it. I tried to send a video but it didn't work, maybe I will try later. (Editor's note: the video did come through, I tried to post it separately but it is locked. If Joe is able to send it again next week, unlocked, I will share it then. It was amazing to hear him play again.)

Now I will write my spiritual experience. This week we were walking and we had just finished contacting for a couple hours. We were about an hour away from Teleman so we were starting to head back. Then I felt like we should go visit this Hermana. I didn't really want to say anything because it was getting a little dark and we were far from home and tired. But I told my companion we should go and he said he had the same feeling so we went. When we got there her throat was so sore she could barely talk, and she was crying because she wants to be baptized but her qawachin (boyfriend who she is living with) won't marry her. So we talked her through it and then gave her a blessing. After we finished she said in q'eqchi' "Your medicine is really good!" Me and my companion looked at each other super confused and then she looked up and said "Before you prayed my throat hurt so bad, but during the prayer all the pain left and I feel better, your medicine is good." Me and companion just looked at each other and were like, dope! Priesthood blessings definitely work. Then later we were walking home and it was super late and we walked by this less-active family's house and I felt like we should stop by so I told my companion. He gave me the "it's super late!" look, but I said "just real quick." So we went and when the mom saw us she was like "Elders! My daughter needs a blessing, she has a fever! How did you know to come?" So we were able to give the daughter a blessing and she was better the next day. This church is true, the Spirit is amazing, I don't know what more I can say.

I love all of you, have a good week!

Love, Elder Toolson

ps for Mom - "chatkanaak sa´ aab'ee, ut chaanaw naq laa'in li yos" (be still, and know that I am God)

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