Monday, May 8, 2017

week 88

Hey! Things this week were pretty good. We put another fecha with Ronald, but then he didn't show up to church again so it looks like it is going to be the same thing as before. I was going to get to see him be baptized before I left, but since he didn't show up he can't be baptized on the 20th so I will be gone. We did divisions this week so we were traveling a lot. I went with Elder Alvarado (the new missionary) in La Tinta, it was just for an afternoon. He is good, learning slowly but surely. We went to help the Hermanas contact in Q'eqchi'!

We also visited the family of Antonia. We made pancakes with them yesterday because she got baptized and stuff.

Mario's family is doing okay, he came to church this week. We found out his youngest son fractured his leg, and they think something more serious is going on because it hurts if he lifts his arms or squeezes his fingers so everyone is pretty concerned about that. His name is Sergo Palau Ich', I know the family is pretty traumatized, please pray for them. He is like six or five years old, and I think he fell or something. The President of the Rama is helping them get a doctor.

Today I had my interview with President Faundez (more about that in my spiritual thought.) He and Sister Faundez are in the area for a multizone conference. Hermana Faundez told me my hair looked like an olive. I don't know what that means. She said because I style it weird or something. I didn't know the word for olive, so when she told me, I laughed nervously because I didn't understand. She asked if I knew that word and I said no so she gave me cincho (literally "gave me the belt" - means scolded) for laughing, but she gives me cincho every time she sees me because I don't really have any clothes left that don't have some sort of stain. But I got to use my new pants today so it was ok! Tomorrow we have the multizone conference. Thankfully since it is multizone it is just the three zones of the Polochic, so we don't have to go to Coban and I get to stay at my house. I will have to give a 15 minute talk alone which is horrible jaja (jaja is like haha) on unity with your companion while you teach, so we will see how that goes for me. 

Now to talk about the interview, my mission president doesn't know a lick of English so it is all in Spanish. At first I was bummed because he asked how much time I have left and I said "these next two weeks and then another change." And he said "ah, so eight weeks? You are going home!" Then he asked how long I have been in the Polochic. I told him my whole mission, and without hesitation he told me I was getting sent out for my last change. So that is kind of sad. I am going to miss meeting the Apostle when Senahu is made a Stake. I am a little bummed but I know that President and Heavenly Father know best, so no problem. I just need to enjoy these next two weeks while I still can. If I could plan the perfect last two weeks, I would go to Yalijux to see the view when you first enter there, go to Se' Wilix (a waterfall), then go to Tz'aj pek. I would visit Henry and Herlyinda in Senahu, then go to Santo Domingo and visit President's family there, then go to Sepamak and visit that family there that wants me to live by them. I would go back to Se'ranx where I baptized in the river, and the Xochela which is another waterfall. I honestly think I have been really blessed and gotten to see just about everything here in the Polochic.  I am going to ask permission tomorrow from President to go to the castle next week, it will be a good last p-day in the Polochic. Wow, I almost started crying while I wrote that. I am hoping to finally get to train, and to go someplace where I can still use Q'eqchi' at least once in awhile. My best chance is an area called Chisek'. It is a little town that everyone calls a little piece of the Polochic outside of the Polochic because there is Q'eqchi' there. It sounds like that area has been dying out kind of, so maybe I can go help out there a little bit. I already passed on the legend tie and Bible, so I don't have to worry about that. I gave it to Elder Rios-Lazo. I got tired of it because if I didn't know something in Q'eqchi' everyone was like "WHAT! But you're the LEGEND! How could you not know something!" so they were just kind of making fun of me with it. Plus, Rios knows a lot more than I do and can learn a lot faster than I can so he deserves it.

The cool part about the interview comes next. That is also my spiritual thought. President Faundez started asking me how I felt since I started my mission. I said a lot of things about how happy I am here and how much I am trying to apply Elder Bednar's talk from General Conference when he said it is important to learn to love to be worthy. Then he stopped and looked like he was thinking and said "there have been a lot of people praying for you." Then paused again and said "no, there have been a lot of spirits praying for you." When he said that I already felt the Spirit pretty strong. Then he stopped again and said "no, your children have been praying for you, that you can make a change here, and you have made that change, and I am very happy and so is the Lord." So yeah, I was crying right then. It was just nice to see how in tune President Faundez is with the Spirit. I know I don't always agree with everything he says, but I know he was definitely called of God and the Spirit was really strong so it was awesome. I love you!

Love, Elder Toolson

ps - oh yeah, I'll skype you guys for mother's day at like 7 my time, so probably be ready around like 6:50 or so, and don't worry if I am a little late!

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