Monday, May 22, 2017

week 90: Happy Birthday and final transfer!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, make sure you wish Eli happy birthday for me! 

So the big news is...I'm going to Chisec! As a district leader! Which is literally the best change they could have given me because it is still Q'eqchi' there. I am pretty nervous because the church is still pretty new there, so whoever is district leader there is also the Group Leader (like being the President of the Branch/Rama or Bishop) because they still aren't even a rama. They don't have a building, but meet in little house. I'm pretty nervous to be group leader but it is something I have never done, so it should be a good challenge. So it sounds like I will be pretty busy for my last change! Chisec is nice and out of the way just like I like it. It is like an hour from Coban by bus, in a different direction from the Polochic. I think it is going towards Peten. I don't think there are really mountains, but I know there is a lot of Q'eqchi' which is awesome. The Elders live in a little house and we are supposed to have water and electricity, but I think the water is sketchy. It is one of the hottest areas in the mission, I hear there have been days where the missionaries can't leave the house because it is so hot. So that might be fun. I am going to be with Elder Vega who is cool, he has been in my zone before so I already know him which is fun. He hasn't been out a super long time, like 6 months or so. He is still learning Q'eqchi. The other two missionaries in my district are Elder Nielsen, one of my best buddies out here, and Elder Parea, who I have known for a long time. So it should be a good time! My companion is staying in Teleman with Elder Sanchez, who he actually trained, and now he will be training as a zone leader which is cool. 

This week was spent in Tucuru again. In traveling to the district meeting, Elder Rios Lazo's companion got sick, so I had to be in Tucuru all week to help Rios. It was a good week. He didn't get a change but is staying in Tucuru. It was a little hard saying goodbye, but he is going to come see me off in six weeks, so it isn't too bad since I know I will see him again.  We didn't go to the are with the waterfalls, we ended up being too busy in Vina Rose. They have the bus up and going and some members are showing up, they are just trying to get everyone reactivated. On Thursday we ended up celebrating with that family, familia Garcia. We cooked some good carne asada. Then on Friday the hermanas in La Tinta bought me a cake so I was able to say goodbye there and eat some good cake which was nice. 

Today I am in Coban until like 4 or 5 but later I will be going to Chisec to get to know my new area so that will be exciting. I said my goodbyes to everyone in Teleman which was sad, but I told them all I would come again someday to visit. So now I am obligated to go back haha. Saying bye to Mario was hard, we were sad for a minute, and we both started tearing up, but then I told him I'd come see him again so it wasn't like it was bye forever. His son is getting a little better, it is still hard for him to lift his arms and stuff but it seems like he is getting better every week. Ronald never made it out to church, so I never even said bye to him. I"m not sure if my companion will teach him still. I doubt it to be honest.

Mom will be proud, I finally got the pictures for her of the legend tie and Bible.

For my spiritual thought this week, I just want to thank Heavenly Father for how blessed I have been to be able to be in the Polochic, and to get to serve all of our brothers and sisters there. I am super grateful for the chance to be here, and I am excited to see what this week brings. 

I love all of you!
Love, Elder Toolson

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