Monday, January 18, 2016

week 20

Hey, so guess what... I am back in Coban today! When my tests came in, all they said was that I tested positive and I had to come back for another test. So for a couple days I thought I just had parasites, then I got to Zone Meeting and my Zone Leader (Elder Tims) looked at me and was like "dude you got worms." I said "oh yeah, I already know, I have parasites." And he said "no, you have straight worms in your stomach - like tapeworms growing." So that was kind of surprising. But I got my medicine and they told me I should pass them any day now (not really looking forward to that.) We left the mountains around 3 am and got here at 7:30ish. I am kind of tired haha. Also I have to poop in that stupid cup three times so we have to stay the night here. We are staying with the ZLs. They aren't my ZLs because we are in Coban, but they have both been my ZLs before. Do you remember Elder Kortsen? That is who I am with. I like working with him. We just hit up the plaza and what not. We will probably do divisions with the ZL's later.
As for our investigators, it was kind of a weird week. We put a fecha (set a baptismal date) with all of Jose Domingo's family this week so that was awesome! But then none of them came to church....and then Nester told us he was going to Piten until May. So if they continue to pursue the church, we won't be here to see, which was pretty sad to hear. My week was a little rough, but I think it is one of those growing experiences I hear about haha. Hopefully as we keep looking we can find more people!
We were able to find somewhere around 15 this week, but none of them came to church so...darn. We have interviews this week with our Mission President so hopefully I can get some advice from him. Our numbers this last week were terrible because we traveled so much for Zone Meeting and medical stuff. It is kind of aggravating.
The Zone Meeting was just for the missionaries in our zone and the ZLs. Lots of talk about needing to work harder. Also they said it is really important to have enthusiasm, so I thought that was a good thought.

It's kind of a bummer because the Polochik actually has a bad reputation with missionaries. In the mountains it is really easy to justify not being super obedient as long as you work hard, but the truth is there is no excuse. To stay focused, I just think back to what my Mission President in the CCM told me on my first day: "Be the type of missinary your mom thinks you are." It is like the Stripling Warriors, they were true because of their moms. When I think of you (mom and dad), and the people here, it is not that hard to choose.

My spiritual thought this week is just how I can't believe how much I have grown to love the people. Everyone always says you love people you serve, and I told myself I did this whole time. But I don't think I really realized how much I love them until Nester said he was leaving and the Jose Domingo family didn't come to church. It was really fairly heartbreaking. But I am grateful to be given this opportunity to do this most blessed service. Missionaries can use all the blessings we can get, but its more blessings for other people because the only reason we are here is to serve. So I guess when Heavenly Father blesses missionaries He is just blessing everyone else!

I love all of you!

Elder Toolson

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