Monday, November 14, 2016

week 63

Hey! This week was good for us, we made it up to the Mirador to see the Paulinas and they said they still want to be baptized. They said one of them had been sick, but then they still didn't come yesterday after promising they would so I have no idea what to think. They live really far from the church, about an hour straight up the mountain, so that might be part of the problem.

We did get to baptize a little girl! She asked me to baptize her so that was a nice thing. 

Elder Kevin R. Duncan is visiting the mission this week, he is the President of the Central America Area and is over the missions in Guatemala. He came to the CCM while I was there too. The ENTIRE mission is here in Coban right now to see him, so it is crazy. I think there are maybe 130 missionaries? It is weird seeing all these people that I don't know. This is the first time something like this has happened while I've been here, it makes me really want to not be Zone Leader because of responsibility to get people to places and stuff haha. I think that we got everyone everywhere they need to be so far. We chartered a bus. Hopefully we can get to our sleeping place safely, they say it is at an Institute building or something. We have one meeting at 6 tonight and then meetings all day tomorrow. It should be good.

I had the chance to serve with Elder Bos this week, it was awesome. We helped set up for a surprise party!

I also got to help Gordy with a service project and then they fed us dinner. Eating dinner with gringos was AWESOME. That is hands down the best food I have had in 16 months! They gave us some meat and rice and some vegetable that I thought was potatoes but got embarrassed because it wasn't haha, I can't remember what it was called. 

(photo credit for the next two snaps: Gordy Hamm)

My health is pretty good, nothing new to report there, my cough is getting better so that is good. My companion is good! We are getting along really well and all so I have no complaints.

My spiritual thought is kind of a repeat from last week about how much the baptismal covenant means. We visited a menos activo (less active person) this week and as I was talking to him, explaining to him that when he made the baptism covenant he promised God he would keep his commandments, it hit me super hard how big of a deal that is! Like once we make the covenant, it is made! And God can't break it, only we can! So we should probably do our best to keep that covenant so we can be an eternal family and be with God and Christ forever. 

I love you!
Love, Elder Toolson

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