Monday, February 6, 2017

week 75

Hey! I will start by apologizing if my email doesn't make any sense because I am pretty tired. We had our meeting in Coban today and I didn't sleep last night, so I have been up for I don't know how many hours and we have traveled like 8 hours so whatever I write may not make any sense haha. 

This week was pretty good. Me and Elder Ibarra worked hard and contacted a few of those people that showed up to church, but I don't know how interested they will be. We taught around 20 lessons, 15 were new contacts for the week, mostly found by tracting. Victor keeps asking us to come and he is praying so that is pretty encouraging, we invited him to kub´i ha´ (be baptized) and he says he needs to think a bit first so we will see what he comes up with this week. 

Our meeting was really good today. The schedule changes aren't too much different, we just have more flexibility to study when we want and at what times. I think we might just keep it close to the same thing because it would be kind of weird to change after almost 19 months. We talked about other things that were all good but I need to re-read my notes and report next week because I can't remember them right now. Elder Bos gave his last testimony today at the meeting, and then I almost cried and he was crying and it was sad. I am pretty sure I will get to see him again before he goes home. He wanted us to stay in Coban with him today. All of us Polochicers try to stick together because everyone else seems all proper and we are gross and dirty haha. We have to start divisions with El Estor tomorrow though so we needed to come home. We did the whole round trip today - it made a long day. But I had some McDonalds so that is pretty good if you ask me.

We have three weeks left before transfers. Today is the half way point, this change is flying by! In this mission it seems common for people to go home mid transfer for work or school. Some of my buddies were saying I should try to go home a week early for the fourth. But don't worry I don't plan on coming home early, I would extend if I could!

Let's see, what else... we lost water in our toilet this week but we figured out how to bajar (lower) the water so it is ok!

I have some pictures for you. This was taken while we were making pancakes with one of our recent converts, Blanca Iris.

I took these pictures when were just out contacting.

It is kind of a Polochic thing to pose with your tie out because our ties are always so thick that we can stand them up haha.

My spiritual thought comes from you this week mom! We went and visited Mario's family and I told them what you told me to tell them. When I told them that you were fasting for them they all burst out into tears and the Spirit was so strong and you could just feel a lot of love in the room. Thank you for doing missionary work from home mom! And the best part, Mario's wife showed up to church! I don't know if she is completely decided about changing her studies schedule but it is a start! Thank you for everything, I love you!

Love, Elder Toolok

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