Monday, February 13, 2017

week 76

(Editor's note: this letter is shorter than usual because, believe it or not, we have started getting enrollment/ housing/ schedule information from BYU! Elder Toolson really is coming home! Much of our correspondence this week was about nitty gritty decisions Joe is having to make, so I won't include that in the mission news.)

Hey! It was pretty solid this week. We taught one really good lesson with this guy named Luis who seems pretty interested but hasn't shown up to church yet so we will keep working on that. Another good lesson we had was with this guy named Ronald. He showed up to church two Sundays ago but didn't make it out yesterday, so we will see what happened with him. We tried to visit Victor but he wasn't home so that was a bummer. I am kind of worried that our President was right about him just wanting to practice English but we will keep working with him and hope for the best. It gets kind of discouraging, but we can't know joy if we don't know some sadness as well, right? Mario's family is doing good, they all came to church and we had a good Family Home Evening with them this last week and will have another good one tomorrow. 

For p-day today we are just writing. The other district we usually play soccer with went to a waterfall so we had nobody to do anything with. But I got a solid licuado so there are no complaints.

A few pictures from the week...

My spiritual thought is kind of simple this week, it comes from a talk I had with my buddy Elder McEntee. He was telling me about how a guy in his area who is a member of the church, but has a problem with something about the church. Me and Elder McEntee were talking and trying to decide if the guy had a point. After about a minute or so of talking we just both stopped and were like "It doesn't matter!" It doesn't matter if we like everything the church does. If we believe that this is God's church, we will stay active. We don't have to understand everything all the time. That's why in Isaiah it says that Gods ways and thoughts are not our own! It doesn't matter what we think. It is God's church and He leads it. I think that is a lesson I have started to learn on my mission - giving up my will to the Lord's, because He knows best!

I love all of you, have a good week!

Love, Elder Toolson


  1. Coming home?!!! I can hardly believe that he is already looking forward to going to BYU. I love his perspective on how it really doesn't matter because it is not up to us. The Gospel is true and that is what does matter. Love this guy to pieces.

  2. You have learned to Let Go & Let God. This is not easy. I admire this in you.