Monday, November 16, 2015

week 11

This week was pretty interesting. First, when we got back to our area on Monday we tried to help set up a little generator they have for the computer in the church. The reason only the church power is cut off is because some feller was stealing power from the church. He stole too much and blew our power box. So it is now 18,000 qetz to fix...needless to say, I don't think we will have power the rest of my time in Santo Domingo. After that, we found out we didn't have water anymore! We had to get water from the little store down the road. We spent the middle part of the week trying to find out if we were going to be emergency changed to a different area, but thankfully some guy was able to come fix the water after a day or two. When we lost water, our Mission President was going to completely close the area. We are probably having massive changes next transfer because everyone has been here forever. I will be surprised if they don't take at least one of us out. I really want another transfer here, but I'm probably going to get taken out of the Polochic, so I guess it is what it is. I don't think I will be sent Kekchi speaking, my Kekchi is kind of basura. It's just my own opinion, but it is true. I don't know, I'm probably being hard on myself, but it is just frustrating.

To answer Dad's question, no place in our area has hot water except Tucuru. (That is where Elder McEntee is right now. We normally get to hang out twice a week; he is definitely going to be one of my best buddies when I get home too.) For baptisms we just fill the font up with cold water. When washing clothes, the people do the best they can. Of course no one has a washing machine or anything, but they do pretty good. I had shoe polish explode on one of my favorite shirts so that was a bummer.
As far as the weather, it is raining so much now, but it is hard because it is still warm so you don't want to wear a coat or anything. I can see that it will start cooling down soon though.
My stomach issues are off and on, but I haven't had to stay in yet, so that's good! You don't need prescriptions at the pharmacy here, so you could get whatever you wanted, but I don't know what I need. The parasite I have or had, I don't know which haha, is called ent histolitica or something like that. I think I am just going to deal with it though, its not worth the trip to Coban or pooping in a small cup. I don't ever want to do that again! They tell us if we get parasites it may take years or more before our stomachs are back to that's fun.
District Conference was good, my piano playing was ok, nothing too great. Elder Bednar spoke (it was a broadcast) but it was in Spanish so I had a bit of a hard time following. I think our new members are good, Eguanio was just barely baptized so its hard to see, and Rudy comes when older members of his family do. We have two more people on date - Jose, who will hopefully be married soon, and Augusto, who just got back from working somewhere far away. Once Jose's papers come through, there is a person in La Tinta who will perform the marriage for him and Maria I think. This next week should be good because all our investigators are coming back.
Today we had district activity. We went to a waterfall and we got super muddy on the way there and back, but it was worth it! It was the first time we got to go on an outing, it was awesome! Plus my District is all super close so that makes it fun.

Tonight we are staying in La Tinta (about 30 minutes from Santo Domingo by truck) for Elder McEntee's and my companion's birthdays, we have a cake and stuff for them.
Mom, I opened the box my package came in, but I didn't unwrap anything, and I didn't eat anything, haha. I am doing a good job waiting. I think I am going to give the extra stocking to my companion if we get transferred. I know it is supposed to be for whoever I'm with on Christmas, but he has been such a good first companion.
My spiritual thought comes from an Elder Holland quote which says "When life is hard, remember we are not the first to ask ´Is there no other way?´" This quote really helped this week. What with having no electricity, then losing water for a bit, and all our investigators being out of town as well, it helps me a lot to know that we are never alone. Jesus always is there for us and knows exactly what we are going through. So my gratitude this week is inspirational Elder Holland quotes.
Well, nakatinra (I love you)!
Love, Elder Toolson

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