Monday, November 23, 2015

week 12

Hey! It was kind of an interesting week. There was a little more up to it which is always nice. The good news...we have power back! We are not sure who paid the money, but we don't really care too much either, haha. We normally lose power at least once a day in Santo Domingo, and when I am writing I lose internet at least twice each session. But it is a lot worse to lose it for days on end.
The bummer is... Jose´s paperwork still hasn't come (also, his fiancé's name is Myra, I was mistaken when I told you Maria), and we were only able to teach Augusto once before he left to work again for another month. I just wish our progressing investigators would stick around instead of going to work for weeks at a time.
Something exciting that happened this week... from Thursday to Sunday I was on Divisions with an Elder from Chile who only has two more changes than I do. It was interesting because he speaks really weird Spanish, like even the natives here can't understand him. He speaks with kind of a slur or lisp or something so it was hard to follow. So we were both kind of forced to speak a lot more Kekchi than usual. I think it went alright, we were able to make it through a couple of lessons with the help of a member, and found three new families to teach. The only bummer is that two out of those three families live about two hours away up the mountain, so we will have to take just one day this week to visit them. But I made it!
I hope I stick around one more change so I can talk to those families a little bit more. Our whole district is sad this week because there are going to be so many changes. I will know if I am being transferred by next week when I email. This one will be rough if it happens, but not as bad as my CCM one. That one felt like leaving home again almost...maybe not quite that bad, but pretty rough! There was an Elder who was leaving when I came in and he was crying. I found out it was because he was just going to miss all of his friends here so much. I now have nineteen months left. I kind of have a system when I get really home sick. I do ok most of the time, just some days are a little hard. I just kind of pick days to count down to, and pretty soon when I'm thinking about that, I forget about home sickness and it is all ok!
I got a haircut! I accidentally took too much off the top...I'm a little bitter haha. but it still looks nice.
They have nice cheap haircuts here so that's good. I had another missionary cut my hair in the CCM. Elder Price gave me the best cut I've gotten, but he went to Guatemala City Central Mission so I don't get to see him at all. There are three Elders I keep in touch with - my old companion, him and I are super tight, and two guys from Utah. One of them knows Luke actually, which is kind of funny.
Dad asked how I'm sleeping. It is still pretty rough.. It was ok, then it got bad, then ok, now it is worse... my mind just gets going too fast at night and then I can't fall asleep. But that's alright! I still have enough energy to do everything, so it is all good.
Also, I can pretty much eat anything they put in front of me now, so that's nice. I just try to dull the spiciness with lots of tortillas haha.
My spiritual thought this week comes from our District Meeting. We were talking about the difference between disciples and Christians. Anyone can say they believe in Christ and call themselves Christians, but what our Heavenly Father needs are disciples. Disciples are people who actually walk their talk, live a Christ-centered life and follow His example.
Well, I hope you have a good week, I love you all!
Elder Toolson
ps - my gratitude is for the place here in La Tinta where they give you ice cream surrounded by whipped cream. I was hyped when I found it!

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